Luxury NYC Seaport Cruise

Cruising can’t get more enjoyable! Take a harbor cruise around Manhattan on a luxurious one-of-a-kind yacht, that provides three magnificent climate-controlled decks, to view the grandeur of the NYC skyline. This one-hour cruise is surrounded by spectacular views outside and elegant amenities inside, you will cruise past many of New York’s most legendary landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. From start to finish, ZEPHYR provides a unique fun-filled experience.

Luxury Amenities *

  • Multiple Climate Controlled Interiors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Decks Including Full Sun Deck
  • Comfortable Plush Seating
  • Two Snack and Beverage Bars

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The Charging Bull Statue

The Charging Bull Statue is a symbol of financial optimism, the 7,000 pound bronze sculpture by Arturo Di. Modica stands at the north end of Bowling Green Park in downtown Manhattan’s financial district.  Bulls and bears have long been metaphors for the volatility of Wall Street with bulls signifying a surging market and bears a declining market.  The origins of these expressions are unknown, but the most common explanation is that the terms were derived from the way each animal attacks.  When a bull attacks, it thrust its horns upward whereas when a bear attacks, it barrels and swipes downward. 

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Canal Street

cs1Canal Street is a bustling New York street fair full of open storefronts. Banks and jewelry shops make-up most of the east side of Canal. The west side is mostly shops. Canal Street is also the main Chinese jewelry district of Chinatown

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American Girl Place New York

american-girl2Historical and contemporary dolls, accessories, clothing, books, and furniture. Call ahead for details/reservations to the American Girl Musical Revue and dining at American Girl Cafe.

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