Finding the Nearest Cross Street and Address in NYC

Key to Manhattan Streets

The following chart is a New York City travel survival tool. Drop the last figure of the address you are looking to find, divide by 2, and add or subtract according to the chart below. The answer is the nearest numbered cross street. (This formula does not apply to Broadway below 8th Street because of the many streets with names instead of numbers) .



Aves. A, B, C, or DAdd 3
1st and 2nd Aves.Add 3
3rd Ave.Add 10
4th Ave.Add 8
5th Ave. …
– Up to 200Add 13
– Up to 400Add 16
– Up to 600Add 18
– Up to 775Add 20
– 775 to 1286Drop last figure and subtract 18
– Up to 1500Add 45
– Up to 2000Add 24
Ave. of the AmericasSubtract 12
7th Ave. …
– Up to 1800Add 12
– Above 1800Add 20
8th Ave.Add 10
9th Ave.Add 13
10th Ave.Add 14
Amsterdam Ave.Add 60
Audubon Ave.Add 165
…754 to 858Subtract 29
…858 to 958Subtract 25
…Above 958Subtract 30
Columbus Ave.Add 60
Convent Ave.Add 127
Central Park WestDivide street number by 10 and add 60
Edgecombe Ave.Add 134
Ft. Washington Ave.Add 158
Lenox Ave.Add 110
Lexington Ave.Add 22
Madison Ave.Add 26
Manhattan Ave.Add 100
Park Ave.Add 35
Pleasant Ave.Add 101
Riverside DriveDivide house number by 10 and add 72, up to 165 St.
St. Nicholas Ave.Add 110
Wadsworth Ave.Add 173
West End Ave.Add 60

Finding an Address on a Crosstown Street
Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan into East Side and West Side; street addresses increase with their distance west and east from Fifth Avenue, usually by 100 per block.

East Side

1     is at 5th Ave
101  is at Park or 4th Ave
201  is at 3rd Ave
301  is at 2nd Ave
401  is at 1st Ave
501  is at York or Avenue A
601  is at Avenue B

West Side

1     is at 5th Ave
101  is at Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave)
201  is at 7th Ave
301  is at 8th Ave
401  is at 9th Ave
501  is at 10th Ave
601  is at 11th Ave


Downtown means south of wherever you happen to be at the moment; uptown refers to all points north. If youre at 34th Street and your destination is 59th Street, youll be traveling uptown to get there.  Approximately 20 north-south blocks equal a mile. Approximately 10 east-west blocks equal a mile. The longest crosstown street (14th Street) is 2.3 miles.

As a general rule, traffic is one-way going east on even-numbered streets, one-way going west on odd-numbered streets. Main east-west streets are two-way and some smaller streets don’t follow this rule.

Sixth Avenue is formally named Avenue of the Americas; but most New Yorkers will refer to it as Sixth Avenue even though the street signs read Avenue of the Americas. Fourth Avenue becomes Park Avenue South above 14th Street. 


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