Getting Around by Bus


3,700 buses operate throughout the five boroughs on more than 200 routes. The bus fare is $2.25 per ride, no matter the distance. You can pay your fare with a MetroCard, or exact change in coins. The driver does not give change and fareboxes do not accept dollar bills or pennies.

A MetroCard can save you money on multiple rides because you may transfer free from bus to subway, subway to bus, or bus to bus within two hours of the time you paid your fare. As a visitor, your best buy is an Unlimited Ride 1-Day Fun Pass for $7. Staying more than 3 days? Get a 7-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard for $24. If you’ll be here more than 3 weeks, you’ll save with a 30-Day Unlimited Ride ($76) MetroCard.

Where can you buy a MetroCard? There are thousands of MetroCard merchants throughout the city including newstands at most arrival terminals, subway station vending machines, most hotels, plus NYC’s Official Visitor Information Center and the Times Square Visitors Center.

A 1-Day Unlimited Ride Fun Pass lets you hop on and off MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) buses and subways as much as you like until 3am the following morning. To prevent passengers from sharing a single unlimited ride MetroCard, you can swipe your Fun Pass only once at the same boarding point every 18 minutes.

Buses run uptown/downtown and crosstown from 6am until shortly after midnight, with waiting time between each bus approximately 5-15 minutes, depending on the time of day. Bus stops have a tall, round sign with a bus emblem and route number; some have bus shelters. Look for the “Guide-A-Ride,” which is a rectangular box attached to the bus sign pole, that displays a route map and bus schedule.

There are many transfer points, making it easy to get to most destinations. In Manhattan, these crosstown transfers (LIMITED bus stops) are at the following streets: 8th/9th, 14th, 23rd, 34th, 49/50th, 57th, 66/67th, 72nd, 79th, 86th, 96th, 110th, 116th, and 125th.

Free bus maps are available on buses, at subway stations, and by calling 1-718-330-3322, 9am-5pm, weekdays. Tip: Bus maps for each borough list bus and subway directions to major places of interest located in that borough.

For specific route and schedule information, call the MTA at 1(718) 330-1234, non-English 1(718) 330-4847.

Please note prices are subject to change by MTA


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