To and from the New York City Airports

For those flying into New York City, it’s important to come prepared with a transportation plan. Don’t get stuck taking the overpriced taxis waiting to pick up travelers outside the airport. There are many shuttle services, buses, and AirTrains to get you to your destination. There are three main airports that you can fly into if you’re coming to the big apple. John F. Kennedy International (JFK) is New York’s largest airport and is about 15 miles outside Manhattan. LaGuardia (LGA) is the better option for those looking to travel to Midtown and Upper Manhattan. Lastly, Newark-Liberty International (EWR) is located in New Jersey and is closer in proximity to lower Manhattan. Read on below to find out some of the options for traveling to and from each of these airports.

John F. Kennedy International

While you may run into more traffic when traveling to and from JFK, if you add in enough cushion time, flat rate taxis are a great option to get to the city. Make sure to book ahead or find a taxi that offers a flat rate no matter how long it may take in traffic. The AirTrain is another option for travel and goes from every JFK terminal to the Howard Beach and Jamaica Subway stations and Long Island Railroad at Jamaica Station. Make sure if you are going this route that you know the route well and know when to get on and off to reach your destination.’



Traveling to and from LaGuardia is slightly more difficult, but can be done with some planning ahead. For those looking for a one-stop travel plan, taxis are always available for transportation. However, for those looking to take the bus, the Q70 Laguardia Link is a non-stop service bus that stops at all mail terminals that then connect to subway stations in Jackson Heights and Woodside to help get you wherever you need to go. Launched in 2016, this bus is the most direct and efficient mode of transportation in getting to and from LaGuardia.


Newark-Liberty International

New Jersey Transit trains run at regular intervals between the airport and Pennsylvania station in New York City. It is not recommended for travelers to take taxis from EWR as it costs more and will incur larger fees due to the rules regarding taking passengers across state lines. The Newark AirTrain services each terminal and can take travelers to the NJ Transit Northeast corridor railroad line where you can then travel to Penn Station.


Other Options
The NYC Airporter offers transportation to and from Manhattan as well as between airports. These rides cost a flat rate per way. While they may take slightly longer if there are more stops at hotels, this is a great option that you can reserve ahead. More information on this can be found here:

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