Toys R Us Times Square

Toys R Us Times Square is Toys R Us Times Squarethree levels of incredible fun. 60 ft high Ferris Wheel, Humongous T-Rex.

Since its grand opening in November 2001, Toys“R”Us® Times Square has occupied a special position as one of the Big Apple’s top tourist attractions, welcoming hundreds of thousands of kids each year.  The company’s international flagship store – aptly known as The World’s Greatest Toy Store® – boasts an astounding 110,000 square feet filled with everything from toys to trains to video games and offers unique product displays and exciting features and attractions.

Broadway & 44th Street, Manhattan; 1 (646) 366-8855

Bus: M6, M7, M10, M20, M27, M104
Subway:1 2 3 7 N R S (Click on subway icon for other attractions accessible via the same line)

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