Where Can I Find “Twofers”?

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The 2 for 1 Broadway ticket deal often called “twofers” can be found at the TKTS BOOTH IN TIMES SQUARE. The name Twofer does not always imply two for one tickets. More recently the discount offer has referred to anything between a 50% and 20% discount off a single Broadway ticket.

NEW YORK CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU often features a 2 for 1 Broadway offer, usually in the winter and the summer. The promotion is known as “On The House” and offers excellent deals on both Broadway and off Broadway shows.

During BROADWAY WEEK, which takes place during the end of January and beginning of February when ticket sales tend to slow, 2 for 1 tickets are offered.

The Broadway League’s program KIDS’ NIGHT ON BROADWAY is an event in which numerous Broadway shows offer a 2 for 1 ticket deal that allows a child to see a show discounted (or in some cases free!) with the purchase of a full price adult ticket.

It is always a good idea to check the NYCGO tickets website for excellent ticket deals and twofers. Also, if you are not looking to book a discount ticket in, consult with the concierge at your hotel who often has day of twofers to distribute.




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